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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Llamas

"But, Daddy," she sobbed. "my finger REALLY hurts."

"Come here, Baby Girl, and let me look at it, again," he asked, as gently as he reached out to hold her hand. Then, after examining her fingers just a bit more, he kissed her fingers softly and asked her if she could wiggle them.

"Daddy, I don't know if I can move them," she sobbed some more, between a few sniffles and gasps for air. Tears still streamed down her face.

"So, Baby Girl, I should probably tell you a story about when I slammed my own fingers in the door, just like you just did," He started. "When I was little, about your age, I was getting in the car and slammed my finger in the car door accidently - kinda like you just did - except I slammed my fingers in a car door and you slammed yours in our house front door. Anyways..."

The tears hadn't slowed at all, so he reached out and held her hurt hand and continued, gently rubbing her hand all the while.

"Did it hurt like this hurts Daddy, cause it realllly hurts," and her little chest heaved as she gulped for a breath between sobs.

"Well, it did hurt like that... maybe a little less, Baby Girl, but then some older lady walked by our car in the Kmart parking lot, saw me crying, and came up to me and my Mom and said the weirdest thing to me. And you know what, it worked. My fingers stopped hurting."

"What was it Daddy? What did that Old Lady Stranger say to you?"

"Well, Baby Girl, this woman came up to me and said 'Your fingers will stop hurting if you think about Chocolate Chip Cookies and Llamas.'

A Smile tried to creep onto her little face and finally, a Giggle slipped past her Sobs.

"Llamas? I dont' like Llamas, Daddy. Teacher says that they aren't very good pets and that they'll spit at you. But, I just think they're kinda ugly. I can't see how anyone would want a Llama as a pet. I would totally get a puppy dog before I got a Llama. I want a little puppy dog like what Paris has. She has the cutest dogs that you can put in your purse and carry with you wherever you go. I have a purse that would be perfect for a little puppy. Daddy, can we get a puppy. Pleeeeease? Maybe for Christmas?"

"How's your finger feel, Baby Girl?" he asked, hoping to avoid the Puppy For Christmas discussion just this one day.

"Oh, it's fine, Daddy. But, I'm hungry. Can we go get a Chocolate Chip cookie?" she asked, wiping the last of the tears from her cheeks.

"Sure, Baby Girl," He answered, "I'll see what we can find. But, we need to put our seat belts on, now, and get going, first. Okay?"

"Okay, Daddy," she smiled, scooting up in her seat, smiling, and then turning to look out the window... "Chocolate Chip Cookies and Llamas - that's just Silly, Daddy."

"It is, Baby, It is." he answered, as they pulled away from the house - all fingers intact, and Smiles on each of their faces.