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Friday, August 10, 2012

Forever: A Seven Word Novel

Spirits wander hallowed, soulful chambers. Remembering. Forgetting.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Everything, Forever

One day, the Boy found himself standing before The Universe.  Slowly, he looked up towards Her radiating Heart.  He was warmed by Her eternal glow.  He stood silently for a long while.

Then, softly, he spoke, "I want Everything, Forever."

At that moment, the Universe began to shine, brighter. Her eternal smile spread across the Heavens.  She looked down upon him, kneeled, and moved her lips slowly to his tiny ears and whispered, "Indeed, you are my Child.  You are Fearless, like your Mother. You are Strong enough to ask for what your Heart desires, like your Mother.  You understand that Anything can be yours, like your Mother.  Truly, only a child of the Universe would dare to wish to hold Everything and Forever in their heart."

As She kissed him on the forehead and raised herself, The Universe gazed, lovingly, down upon him and exclaimed: "Then, it is Everything that you shall have and Forever that you shall have it."

Then, after an eternal pause, She leaned down towards his tiny ears, once again, and whispered: "All you must do, my child, to have Everything and Forever is Simply This: Ask only for what you Want Forever."

The Boys eyes grew wide. He felt The Responsibility that would soon transform him into a Man descend to a rest upon his shoulders.

In that moment, the Boy realized that He was no longer bound to Some Things, Now.  He was, instead, responsible for Everything, Forever.