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Thursday, July 14, 2005


Two fireflies flash just a few feet away
dancing and disappearing
in a summer light night symphony

As suddenly as one's gone
one's there and one's here
shining brightly just before
one sparkles far and one near

They must think nothing queer
of the other vanishing in midflight long
Both being choreographed on cue
as they each waltz to an evening cricket song

Yet together they blaze
intensely against the days
fading fast in a season
that returns to only pass them by

Two fireflies dance in the summer sky

Edmund Vazquez Fireflies © July 2005


havsumhope said...

so i tried to edit a post i had made in response to an earlier "comment" on this post..and ended up deleting both while ingeniously turning off the comments i apologize..and i've turned back on the comments..and the crickets play on without having known the better.

Echele said...

I had a lightning bug stuck on my shoe 4th of July was funny b/c I was walking around way in the back of my parents house...they have 3 acres so we were way in the back shooting off our own fire works..anyway....this firefly was stuck on my shoe so when I walked people couldn't see me, just this little tiny cute light on my shoe...Nice poem...but you always write awesome matter what the form...

rayshawn756leigh said...
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