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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Day Things

"What are One Day Things?" she asked.

"One Day Things are Those Things In Your Future That Are Meant For Only You. If you close your eyes, look into your Heart, and stop Thinking, they will reveal themselves slowly and cautiously - kinda like when Forest Fairies come out from behind the trees and approach you slowly and ask you to follow them. If you aren't afraid of anything, forget your worries and use a bit of imagination, you will see your One Day Things clearly. "

"So, that's why you don't live in the city, then?" She asked.

"Exactly! That's why I live near a lake... near enough to the woods.. because I'm never far from the One Day Things when I take my morning or evening walks. You see, if you follow those One Day Things, you'll never lose sight of what's in your Future and that's an Important Thing nowadays... because most people I know don't really remember where they've been and have given up on where they're going. I'm not a big fan of that path in Life, so I choose the path with the One Day Things."

Then, she cautiously put on her walking shoes and went for her first walk with him. And all the while, as they walked past the lake and near the woods, she had to admit to herself that there were moments when she forgot all her Worries and Fears and found herself looking deep into the woods for Forest Fairies and One Day Things.

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