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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scary Things

He pulled all of his Fears out of all his Pockets and laid them all out on the table before Her. She looked at each one, picked a few of them up and looked closer at Them, then smiled and asked, "Is that All the Scary Things you got?"

Then, She reached for her Purse and dumped all of her Fears on the table with His.

Together, they sifted through them, quietly examining Each Others Fears.

Finally, a Realization broke the Silence: She didn't find most of his Fears to be very scary at all and He wasn't afraid of many of her Fears. Suddenly, lots of the Scary Things weren't so Scary anymore.

Then, for what seemed to be Forever, they told The Story of How they had found each Fear and Why they held onto It for as long as they had and Where they liked to keep it hidden so that no one knew they had it.

But, mostly they just laughed at all the Silly Little Fears they had collected over the years.

And when the two of them finally left that table in the Emotion cafe, I picked up all the Fears they had left behind and put them into an empty cup and covered them with coffee grounds and buried them deep in the trash so that No One would ever find those Fears and carry them around for so very long, again.

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