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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

experimentation..the way we learn

ok. so here's the deal. this blog is a selfish endeavour. it's not for anyone else. it's for me.


because sometimes I find myself channeling some kind of Wisdom in talking with others that isn't mine, but Something Else's and there needs to be a Place to jot down the Things I Want To Remember that are said that I can learn from after I've passed them on to others.

so, to be clear, this is for me to read through the Things Said or Things Thought over time to understand the nature of Truth and Reality as, in time, I hope to be able to find the Patterns in Chaos in This Life.

now, the Energy that plugs us all into each other may lend itself to some truths being shared with others. in that, there is hope for some kind of Connection.

at the very least, perhaps, through this blog, I can look back and answer the "what the hell was I thinking" question a little more clearly later in life after I've done Something I Regret after thinking it was The Right Thing at that time.

be Good. be Safe. take Care with each other. have Hope.