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Friday, September 16, 2005

14 Minutes of Fame

So, I'm officially published.

No, not like my grad school paper on token economies as motivation systems in corporate workplaces. That one is sitting somewhere in the stacks at the University of Kansas.

No, this is different.

So, at first, it was supposed to be like a short interview for a few paragraphs with several other companies for a Technology / IT magazine. Then, it turns into a 4 page feature, standalone article - and part of the cover story - and a picture.. in the print edition.

Anyways, I got my 14 min of fame after putting in like 6 hours worth of interviews and research. :)

Oh, btw, you're gonna be bored off your ass unless you're like a techie geek / dork like me.

50 pts to whoever reads past the first paragraph.

Here it is in Sept 12 version of Infoworld. Click here for the article.

So, I guess, now you all will know how dorky I really am.



lennie71 said...

How many points for the whole article? Sounds like you saved Sprint a lot of money...

Echele said...

Hmmm....yes you're right...I have no idea what that just said...but hey! That's why you're here, eh????
But I did read it...Good for you! Gold stars and a smiley face for you!

emawkc said...

Ed's Latin name: Dorkus Maximus.

Can I have your autograph?