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Friday, September 02, 2005

Ok. Ok. I'll Blog.

Trying to think of Things to Post that are irrelevent and meaningless, but slightly entertaining in the wake of Human Despair and Carnage that seems to be prevailing in our World. So, in honor of those Jungle Animals that are looting Best Buys in New Orleans while their Grandmothers, Nieces and Nephews are dying or lay trapped in the attic of their homes, I thought I'd post the last 5 CD's I've purchased from Best Buy - under non-catastrophic circumstances:

1. Damian Rice, O
2. Coldplay, X&Y
3. Scissor Sisters, Scissor Sisters
4. Joss Stone, Mind, Body, & Soul
5. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

1 comment:

emawkc said...

Hey, nice to see you're still bloggin. But, CDs? You still buy CDs? C'mon, nobody buys CDs any more. That's so two years ago. This chart should help illustrate where you are.