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Saturday, August 04, 2007


"Daddy, why do you travel so much?" She asked.

"Well, mostly for work, Baby Girl, but also because I'm trying to find Good Places to take you Some Day when you get Older. I'm thinking maybe New York City, Someday." He answered.

"But Daddy, I'm almost nine. I'm Old Enough to go, now. I want to go on a trip with you." She replied.

He pondered the idea for a moment and, considering it, said: "Well, what are you thinking? Where do you want to go?"

She leaned towards him excitedly and said: "Daddy, I've been watching the History channel and I realllly want to go see where the Egyptians lived. Where is that, Daddy?"

"Honey, I think the Egyptians lived in Egypt." He said with a smile.

Looking at each other, They burst into Laughter.

When they could breathe again, she asked Him "Daddy, can we at least go to New York?"

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