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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Grandma Lightner

On July 27th, 2007, She left this world and passed to the next.

But, before Grandma Lightner left, She taught Him:

  • That the Best Turkey and Noodles He Ever Tasted is made with a picked-over, left-over Thanksgiving Turkey that Most People would throw away.
  • That you can't stop stirring the Cream of Wheat (with real whole milk and lots of sugar) while it's cooking - if you want to Make it Right.
  • That a back yard is never too small for a Ferris Wheel.
  • That a real Easter Brunch involves lots of Strawberries Dipped in Dark Chocolate.
  • That the high diving board really isn't that high.
  • That a wood fireplace warms more than a room at Christmas time.
  • That pit bulls are "just playing" when they bite your ankles.
  • That some refrigerators have these fancy things called "ice makers" - but you can still fill the old ice trays with lemonade and make your own popsicles using some of Grandpa's toothpicks.
  • That a tree swing is more fun than an Atari game.
  • That poison ivy grows in the backyard. Lots of it. And it really itches for a really long time when you get it on you.
  • That electric fences kinda hurt when you touch them.
  • That everyone should travel overseas at least once in their life and bring those experiences home to share with others.
  • That it's ok for Grandpa to have a stack of Playboys in the basement, "cause the articles really are good."
  • That women today aren't nearly as glamorous and elegant as they were forty years ago.
  • That it takes a really long time to mow a really big yard with a push lawnmower in the middle of a humid Kansas summer day - but, seeing Her smile at how nice that big, freshly-mowed yard looks, after, is a reward in itself.
  • That it takes even longer to rake all the leaves in a really big yard - but in the end there's a really big Pile of Leaves to play in.
  • That you never get too old for a good Grandma hug and kiss.
  • That some people really don't need cable tv.
  • That letting Someone else help you get up some stairs, get into a car, or even walk to the bathroom can make that Someone feel really good about themselves for a very long time.
  • That at 90 it's still Important to get your hair "done" every Saturday.
  • That it's OK to think that your Grandma is beautiful.
And most of all:
  • That you don't have to be born into a Family to be part of a Family.

These are the Lessons That Grandma Taught Him.

These are the Things He Learned From Her that have made him a Better Person.

These are the Memories of Her that He will carry close to his heart for the rest of his Days.


Echele said...

That's beautiful. I wish I could put things into words like that but I guess I am just too rough with words when it comes down to it.

lennie71 said...

My condolences, Ed. I hope to hear from you.

dmh934 said...

This is great. She sounds like a beautiful person.