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Sunday, May 04, 2008

a nice, Little Box

"I've been spending a lot of Time lately shopping for nice, Little Boxes to put Things away in," He said.

"What kinds of Things?" she asked.

He stood quietly for a moment and took inventory of all the Things in Life that were sitting on shelves throughout his house.

Then, he answered, "I guess, mostly Receipts, Small Little Messes and Little Things I Don't Know What to Do With that just can't be left out in the open for Everyone to see. But, still, they are My Things and they deserve nice, Little Boxes, to rest comfortably in."

"Oh, well, most people buy these boxes to put DVDs in," she replied.

Then, the nice little lady from Crate and Barrell smiled, took his credit card and signature, and sent him out of the store with One More Receipt and a nice, Little Box to put it in.

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