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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Best Friends

"You know how I know you're my Best Friend?" I asked Him.

"Is it because I'm a Wolf and I'll attack anyone who messes with you and I got your back and I'm an Awesome Musician and an Excellent Communicator and a Really, Really Good Guy and we both love Karaoke and..." he started.

"Nope," I interrupted, "It's because you'll walk next to me through The Madness of Being Me - even when it's not Easy."

He smiled and began to glow just the little bit - the kind of glow that only comes from your Heart suddenly Understanding that it is Loved.

"You do the same for me," He said, "... that's what Best Friends do for Each Other - they endure each others' Craziness. Together."

And, then, we talked about the years of Craziness. We talked about how I am Too Addicted to Gadgets and Being Connected and I don't always Hear when I'm Listening and I always need Reassurance and that I find it hard to believe that People Really Do Love Me and that I'm Too Passionate sometimes and that I don't Give Up when I should and how I give people A Million Reasons to Quit on me and I think too much and over-analyze Everything because I'm afraid of Being Left Behind... all the Other Things that make me so very, very, very hard to live with.  But, in the End, we just reveled in the Madness of Being Me. And we Laughed and Cried about Every Weakness in each of our Souls - which made each Weakness hurt just a little bit less. Together. We talked about the Stupid Things we did to fill the Empty Spaces in our Hearts and asked for Forgiveness. Together. We made Promises to continue to Be There for each other and to Help Each Other. Together. And, best of all, we assured Each Other that Everything Happens for a Reason.  And that Whatever Happened, we would face it. Together.

Because we are Best Friends.

And that's what Best Friends do.

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