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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

He told them, "I will Love you Forever. And when I say 'Forever', that means Every Day that I'm on this Earth and Every Lifetime After and Every Moment That Came Before. I will never leave you when Times get Hard - in fact, it is Then that I will fight the hardest for you. Although you may not feel my presence, I am with you, always, in my heart and mind. Even when you think that I don't Love you, I am still loving you, waiting for you to Understand and hoping to find a way to clear The Path to Your Heart, again. I will never give up Hope for those that God has placed before me to Love. So, once you have found your way into my Heart, I will always hold that place for you. That is simply How I Love. Forever."

And they hugged him and they buried their faces in His chest and said, "We love you, too, Daddy - So So So So So So Much - more than all the Stars in the Universe, more than all the Air in the Sky, and more than all the drops of water in the Oceans."

In that moment, He remembered what he would sometimes forget: Even though Others would ebb and flow out of His Life in This World, these two would always return to That Place in His Heart that He held for them. They Loved him- as they had many times before and would many times again- Forever.

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