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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wonders in His Heart

At some point, after much Wondering, He knew he would just simply have to accept that there were Some Things that He would never Understand, like: how Song flows through the Soulful Fingertips of Some and not Others, Why Seeing a Newly Posted Picture of Her Could Still Leave Him Breathless, How and Why the Universe was created in the Here and Now, Why it took so long for someone to create Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Why the Root of All Evil is hidden in the Social Networks of Middle School Girls, and Why their Past Made it so hard to have a Chance for a Future.

Still, the Greatest Mystery to Him was: Why it took him so very long to learn to Love Himself and, thus, finally, accept Love from Her.  To this day, He couldn't Understand why it took too many years to realize that Love was Something that each of His Intentions, Thoughts, Words, and Actions needed to reflect.  Love was not Something that he could hold in his Heart - it was Something that He needed to Give and Create with each Choice that She trusted Him to make.  Why She had to stop Loving Him so He could start Loving Himself was Something that he'd never be able to explain to Anyone, including Himself. 

Still, In the End, All He knew, now, was that he loved watching the birth of blessed music on his stringed instruments, loved seeing Her familiar glow as she smiled - even if it was for Someone New, loved that the Universe allowed him to be part of the Here and Now in This Life, loved the guilty pleasure of sneaking in an occasional Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, loved that there were Forces of Goodness to oppose the viciousness of Middle School Girls, and loved that he had made the Changes He needed to make to honor himself - and Her - even if was too late.

Because, in the End, no matter how hard He or Others tried to explain These Things, some Holes in His Heart were just too deep to be filled with Understanding.  So, he marked these Places with bright neon signs; made an online GoogleMap that showed where these Places were, now; found New Ways to fill those Wondrous Holes in His Heart with Love; and decided that Admission would always be free for those who wanted to tour these Wonders in His Heart.

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