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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Memories Found


Best news of the week: I was digging for a recharger cord and found an old filing folder. I looked inside and found almost all of my old writings and poems and pictures from 1987 - 1995 or so. Good Day, needless to say. This followed a phone call I got last week from Iomega where they informed me that all of the writings I had put into the computer (many times I modified the originals into newer versions as I input them over the past 15 years) and saved to a 100mb iomega mac disk were... "unrecoverable". Dang. That sucks. But, at least I found some of the stuff and the paper originals. Unfortunately, there were many other photos and things that I don't have backups for. But, that's what I get for accidently reformatting a MAC zip disk into a PC zip disk drive.

But, here's a picture of me back in 1990 when I was a summer camp counselor at Camp Buckskin. There's a blog entry on my friend Starbuck (Lennart) down below, who was a camp counselor with me at the time. This was taken after we had like a talent show and a couple of us guy counselors covered ourselves in green clay from the lake and pretended we were teenage mutant ninja turtles for the kids. So, clearly, after the show, we had to go shower. In the middle of the northwoods, the "shower" was this bathhouse kinda concrete building with like 7 showers all around and we'd all have to go shower together. lol. Funny stuff.

Man, I need to do that Body For Life thing and get back to this kinda shape. Damn. I'd do me back then.

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Echele said...

Oh My God Ed, You are so funny! The do me line was great! Glad you found the things you thought you lost. That is such a great feeling.