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Friday, March 18, 2005

Please Be Gentle: My Jayhawks Lost

Wow. So my beloved Kansas Jayhawk Basketball Team has lost to Bucknell in the very first round of the NCAA Tournament. This is the first time they lost a first round game since 1978, before most of the folks that know how to use a computer and blogs were even born. 21 straight years of not losing a NCAA Tournament first-round game.

I am in an unofficial, self-imposed, and undefined period of grieving.

So, please be aware that I'm emotionally vulnerable now (as all men who are married to a sports team are at the end of a season of much hope and catastrophic disappointment). And don't mock me, women of the world, cause we each have Things That Make Us Sad. So, I'm a guy... I like Kansas Basketball...and I'm clearly clinging by an emotional fingernail as I'm feeling guilty for liking my team and defending myself to some unknown person... so you see how this has affected me...I'm clearly an emotional mess and in need of some cuddling or spooning of some kind.

I'll need at least 30 minutes to recover from this great disappointment. But, at my age, a 30 minute refractory period isn't that bad.

So, for the next few days, please be gentle. At least now, maybe I'll give more attention to my beloved Blog. As followers of the eMotion Cafe, both of you know that I've been neglecting her. So you see how it goes. Season Ends and I become emotionally available.

Then again, there goes my tournament bracket.



Echele said...

Awwww Ed, it is ok. No one knows better how you feel than an Eagles fan!

And your in luck buddy, because we all know...


Dr. H said...

LMAO @ Echele, r.e., forkin'!

I have no idea how the teams are doing. My teams are Arizona Wildcats and Michigan State Spartans, but I haven't watched one damn game.

Psyche said...
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Psyche said...

"Here, Here!!" to the Eagles comment. You have our sympathies... At least you dont have to wear the opposing team's jacket at work all next week. :)

Livia said...

I was just searching for someone else despondant over our loss. I'm a KU fan too. I think I might have even felt worse...check out my blog and see for yourself. And leave me a comment--I have none...Livia