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Saturday, April 28, 2007

How it Always Began

"I really, really like you," She said, "but I need to move at a pace that I'm comfortable with."

He smiled and replied, "I completely understand," and after a long pause, He continued: "but, I find that if I move at Someone Else's pace, I usually end up going Only As Far As They Want To Go. Furthermore, I find that if I follow Someone Else's lead, I end up Lost."

What does that mean?" She asked.

He answered, as he had a hundred times before: "It only means this: If I don't follow my Heart, then I end up with Regret and Confusion. Therefore, I'll move forward with Hope that when I look beside me every so often, You will be There as well. If you're not, then I will know that you have followed Your Own Heart and are on Your Own Path."

And this was How It Always Began.
And this was How It Usually Ended.

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