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Monday, April 30, 2007

Relationship Handicapped

"You know what I mean?" She asked Him.

To that, He replied, "All I know is that when I was seven, I was laughing and chasing my Brother around The Living Room and I tripped and knocked my tooth out on the coffee table. I still have that coffee table and, since, I grew a new tooth - but ever since then I seem to have lost The Ability To Read People's Minds. Anyways, I've been Relationship Handicapped ever since. You know what I mean?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about..." She said.

"So, you knocked a tooth out, too, when you were little?" He excitedly asked.

"No, no I never knocked a tooth out on a coffee table... and I can't date anyone who's Relationship Handicapped" She said, disappointedly, as she walked away.

As she left, he grabbed a pen out of his briefcase and wrote the following on the back of a receipt from his pocket: "Note to Self: You don't always have to lose a tooth to become Relationship Handicapped."


Skye said...

Looks like you are definitely back in the dating world...

Who are you rooting for on AI?


havsumhope said...

:) lol.

not sanjaya.


Skye said...

finally settled on jordin

Echele said...

Hmmm. Posting again. I like it when you post.

OMG. I am such a dumb ass. I've tried to put my password in like 6 times and it's the word verification at the bottom....I didn't see it....Oops...LMAO!

Skye said...

did finding out that someone was reading your posts scare you away from posting again???

and you still haven't announced your pick for AI...


havsumhope said...

e - great to see you again :) hope all is well in your world!

skye - blake is gay; melinda is a poser; lakisha is good; but my money is and always has been on Jordin.

that voice. dang. who cares if she's 6 ft tall?

weak season of AI. without sanjaya, it would have been a total flop.

why don't you light up a blog? you can stay hidden there....