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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I watched the man who sat at the bar in his pressed white dress shirt. I watched him watching his Red Sox give up a 4 run lead in the 8th - saying nothing to no one.

Beer after beer, he looked into his pint glass intently, as that Red Sox lead disappeared. There had to be a way to stop the bleeding, and maybe it was in that pint glass.

He imagined that there were Sea Monkeys copulating in in that last lager, madly. Every few minutes their world would quake and tip - and their oceans were draining with each sip that the God of the Pint Glass took from their World. Those Sea Monkeys in the beer knew The End was Near. Knowing their world was ending, those Beer Monkeys had some crazy sex in that pint glass. After all, a God that took their Hopes away surely wouldn't judge them for having too much sex. Then, with only a few sips remaining in that glass and all the Beer Monkeys having cramped End of the World Sex, the man looked up at me from his imaginings and the last of his lager in his pint glass.

And there was an uncomfortable silence.

I admit that I felt dirty watching him imagine such things with Sea Monkeys and beer.

Besides, those female Beer Monkeys were the only females in this bar.

Then, he stood up, wobbled a bit, and turned to me and said: "Greatness is determined more by how you finish than how you start."

Turning back, he faced his beer and drank his last sip of Samual Adams, set the empty pint glass on the bar and turned to me again, smiled, and continued:

"... and I finished that beer strong."

The God of the Pint Glass had spoken.

I admit that I smiled with him. Suddenly, I wasn't at all worried about the Beer Monkeys that had moved on to the Next Place.

As he walked away, I hoped he would find his way back to his hotel room safely. After all, there is always Tomorrow - and the Sox were playing the Royals - and most anyone can finish strong on Some Days.

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Echele said...

That's GREAT! I finished strong! lol....gotta love that.