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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bar of Soap In a Sock

"Wow. That I like your writing," She said. She continued, "It is pretty intense."

"It is?" He asked, paused, and said: "I seriously write, I think, to keep from going crazy. For some reason, if i put it out here, online in some great vacuum of Nothing, I think it restores Balance in My Universe. In this Way, I'm only a channel for The Story, and not The Story itself."

"Wow.. I honestly would tell you if I thought it was Crap. But, It hits you in the face like a Bar of Soap in a Sock," She replied.

"Good... Then It is Real" He said. "Because Real Things hit you like that, I think."

And before She could continue, he blurted, "Hey, thank you. I'm honored that you like it. To be honest, Not Everyone can appreciate my writing. It doesn't resonate with everyone - like good writing should. Not Everyone likes it."

"Well, They are Horse Shit, then" She retorted, suddenly, and with little warning.

Stunned, He wasn't quite sure what to say.

Then, He understood what She was telling him. Suddenly, his Words weren't so hard to find.

"Spoken like a true Bar of Soap in a Sock" He said.

And he walked away rubbing his head a bit - knowing what it was like to get hit with something Real.


Skye said...'ve found someone else you likes the way you write...may be a Keeper:=)

havsumhope said...

:) So, you may be right... Because there's only like two people in the world that like my writing. And so far, only one is a woman.

And I can't marry another woman that doesn't like my writing... good point, skye :)

Are you casting a vote?

Oh, and Jordin rocks.

Skye said...

well, unless the woman who hits you like a Bar of Soap in a Sock is really a man, I think there are two of the opposite gender that like the way you write

Jordin is gonna take it:=)