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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Foolish Pain

Once, many months later, She talked with him late into the night and, exhausted, She failed to notice that her Pain had already, foolishly, fallen asleep on the floor next to her.

As She began to say her Goodbye, there was no longer any Pain to stop her Heart, in that moment, from reaching out to him, again. So, her lips moved to kiss him - as they had a thousand times before.

Suddenly, She gasped - shocked at the sudden movements of her own Heart - waking her Pain from its brief slumber. Startled and groggy, her Pain quickly placed a hand over her mouth, forcing any fleeing Affection back into hiding.

Then, in the moment of Silence that followed, they looked into each others' eyes for an eternal millisecond and smiled. After that knowing pause, they each whispered "Good Night" and spoke nothing more of it.  Neither wanted to further disturb her Pain - which was now watching ever so carefully, with heavy eyelids, from the floor next to her.

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