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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trying to do the Right Thing

"You're a Good Person," She began, "... All you have to do is keep Trying to do the Right Thing."

As He stared at the ceiling, a tear slipped quietly out of the corner of his eye and jumped several stories to the pillow, below.

"That's All I have to do?" He asked.  He began to think of all the Wrong that He had done - while thinking he was Right and doing what he thought was Right - over the past Many Years.

For several minutes, He lay still and got lost looking towards a Distant Place that She could only feel, but not see.

Then, She moved closer to Him and buried Her head into His chest.

She whispered, "Come back."

And in that moment, He was found. He remembered all the Right that was left to do and realized that Right and Wrong are those Tricky Twins that like to wear each others clothes and giggle when you call them the wrong names. But, most importantly, He realized that, while Things didn't always turn out the way he had Hoped, all he could do was simply try to do The Right Thing every step of the way.

In the End, he could live with That. Come what may.

And Others may or may not choose to not live with That. Come what may. 

But, Trying to do The Right Thing... That was here to stay.

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