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Saturday, February 05, 2005


So, I'm drinking coffee today at the eMotion cafe today and in walks Beauty. Eyes like blue silver that are deeper than the sky behind them. Long flowing blonde hair that must spend all day teasing her cheeks. A face that was carved somewhere in the clouds by Aphrodite or some other Greek Goddess in Mount Olympus.

Now, I see her come in Now & Then. She has many faces. C.S Lewis knew her when she looked differently, ages ago. Timeless and Everywhere. Sometimes, she's a brunette. Sometimes, she's a redhead. But, there's always something beneath the mask she wears.. something that shines through and it's unmistakeably her.

You see, it's more than what we see. It's something inside. It's the way she smiles when she talks to you. It's the way she looks right into your soul and reveals her innermost weakness, trusting that it's safe with you. It's the way that when she talks to you, you feel like you're the only person in the world at that very moment and everything else falls quietly away as you're drawn into the skies above, in her eyes.

She's not Perfect by any means. I've seen her, they look alike and are often confused, but Perfect is another story, entirely. Anyways, Beauty will tell you of the mistakes she's made. She'll tell you of the dreams she awoke to this morning, forgetting and remembering. She'll tell you her Regrets - of the Sad Things and Happy Things without ever blaming or being blamed. She's Lost and Found at the same time and wouldn't know it because she never thinks of Such Things. Most of all, she owns her life and all that it has brought her.

Today, she stopped near me and whispered: "Eleanor Roosevelt once told me that 'The giving of love is an education in itself.' " I smiled and remembered our conversation on the Importance of Giving Willingly and Joyfully and offered back: "Eleanor once told me that 'It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.' " She understood and No More needed to be said. We would surely continue our conversation at another time. She had places to be and Beauty just doesn't do well when she feels tied down.

Now, we all looked up from our laptops and books and conversations of Such Things and noticed her today. But so many times, the entrance isn't so grand. Most of the time I've seen her here, she's tucked in some corner with Faith and Innocence, smiling and nodding at the stories they've told and offering understanding in the quiet pauses where Things Seem Lost. She knows us all, it seems, in her own way. After spending time with her, she's part of me. Just the thought of her brings me a Smile.

Anyways, just wanted to share that Beauty is out there. Sometimes I forget. I'm going to try and remember each day to look around and find her and say hello. I'm going to make time to get to know her more. I'm going to be patient when she's with another. Today is the day that I make that commitment to see Beauty everywhere - and let her see me.


Dr. H said...

My eyes teared while I read this.
- Star

Echele said...

Ed, Awesome. Love it. Keep it up.