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Monday, February 28, 2005

Blogging Away

So...busy times at the eMotion Cafe. I'm hooked on Blogging. Officially. For years, I've paid for websites and used HTML to try and keep friends and family updated and record the daily events that shape me and my family.

All I have to say about HTML and hosting companies and WYSIWIGS and Javascript is that I spent more time learning those things than actually doing what I set out to do.

But, now, I can put all that to work and hack at PHP and CSS as I dive into the Blogging Oceans and swim towards Europe. I spent all weekend converting my old family HTML website over to a Blog, with a Word Press engine and some cool ass plugins. Since I already had a hosting plan, I just migrated all the photos and content over to a new format and I freakin dig it.

Once I get it all finished, maybe I'll post over to it. I'd still like to keep this going, though I may move eMotion Cafe to a seperate server or hosting environment.

Been kinda busy.

What has everyone else spent their whole weekend doing? Do tell...


Psyche said...

Reading Remedy Administration manuals, getting sidetracked for a short time by geeky pilot/tv dvd's (in this case, a coworker insisted I watch his 1st season collection of Startgate SG-1,) and making cupcakes with the kid.
Basically a good weekend (except the documentation, of course.)
I hope you will, indeed, share with us your family site. Im sure it would be another wonderful distraction!

Echele said...

Hey Ed!! I always enjoy your blogs, so aleady looking forward to the next one. Hope you had a good weekend, I did.