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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I awoke deaf
From the roar of
Seeing only
Darkness move
Behind the window blinds
Quietly hiding
From the light outside
With only Her
And the blankets
That hide the nothing
Between us
We lie
She rests
My mistress
Sleeping now
In my Queen sized bed
With only a King
This time we share
Is no fairy tale seen
When the day begins
And this affair inevitably ends
When we awake
From this dream
To Another.

| Edmund Vazquez | 1st draft - 10.03.2004 | © 2004-2005 |


Dr. H said...

Ooo! Poem! I dig the imagery. And I like your new profile description, too.

Nick said...

Hey. You. How in the hell am I supposed to fit a hottie in the backseat of my ECHO? I'm lucky my girlfriend consents to riding in that thing at all....Actually, no. Fuck that. She's lucky I let HER ride in my car. In any case, sex in the backseat of an ECHO is a logistical impossibility. Believe me. But I digress....

Anyway, thanks for commenting on my nascent blog. I'm glad you found it humorous, especially since I insulted you with just about everything I said. Nothing personal, of course. I haven't read through any of your posts yet, but I will. Your blog already seems above-average, being that its title isn't "Random Thoughts" or "Just Me and My Insane Ramblings" or some variant thereof; and because not every one of your posts begins with "Jeez, it's been a long time since I've written anything here." So many self-proclaimed "bloggers" deserve to die....But again, I digress.

I'm putting a link to your page on mine. What the shit. Why not? See you around.

The Mongoloid King